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Your patients deserve the best results, and you deserve less time in the chair. With state of the art technology and time proven techniques, our lab is built to provide superior service and results.

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Our team of technicians offer support backed with over 65 years of combined experience. With specialties including Tucker-Style Refractory Gold and cosmetic restorations, they are a valuable tool on your care team. You will feel firsthand their passion for quality and patient satisfaction.

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Steve Tinklepaugh

Lab Manager & Lead Technician

Rebecca Baldwin

Dental Technician



eMax, and other forms of lithium disilicate have proven track records of producing beautiful results. eMax is strong, beautiful and offers high translucency. It has flexural strength of 470 MPa and is durable. Our technicians have many shades and varying levels of translucency available to work with, creating a lifelike look in the mouth. Additionally veneers can be crafted as thin 0.3 mm and still maintain their strength.


Thanks to it’s remarkable strength and durability, Zirconia has quickly become the leading material for crowns and bridges. We have invested time and money to determine the best materials and techniques that will provide unparalleled results. Preshaded and multilayered Argen Zirconia offers more translucency and better aesthetics than seen before. Our technicians bring the material to life with the MiYo Stain and Glaze Kit.


Custom abutments, titanium bases, or stock abutments, single unit to full arch, cement retained or screw retained, zirconia or PFM. Every implant case requires a unique solution. Having worked with an endless combination of options, we are proficient at finding solutions for complex situations. We work with all major manufactures, as well as vetted third party companies to provide our clients maximum restorative options.


Our PFMs, or porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations, are not your typical “old school” crown. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to create a beautiful outcome by combining traditional techniques with modern style and materials.

Tucker-Style Refractory Gold

Having worked with, and been mentored by the Tuckers personally our gold techs are unparalleled. Full gold crowns are known for being longer lasting, aesthetically pleasing and biocompatible. Inlays, onlays and 3/4 gold crowns are another option that hold the same benefits of utilizing gold, plus with the added benefit of preserving more of the patient’s natural tooth. Our techs are proficient in all options available.

Custom Shades

Along with assessing the shape and shade needed for the restoration, our technician will take photographs in the mouth to aid in the production of each case. This option is highly recommended for anterior and complex cases.


Our full service denture lab offers lifelik removable appliances. This includes: dentures, flippers, night guards and even surgical guides. We also offer relines & repairs.

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